Miles-Platts Precision technical mouldings and tool making

Miles-Platts Precision technical mouldings and tool making

Product Catalogue

The extensive Miles Platts Product Guide is now available in PDF format. By clicking on the links below you can download recently updated pages, site sections or the entire Miles Platts Product Catalogue . Please note that downloading the entire product guide at once should only be attempted by those with a good internet connection.

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Download Recently Updated Product Guide Pages
Periodically the pages of our Product Guide are updated. Should you have a print copy of our product guide that contains a few out of date pages then you can download the updated pages from the links below

Download Product Guide Sections
If you would like to download entire sections of the Miles Platts Product Guide then please use the links below. Each section is a PDF file containing several product guide pages

Section 1 - Introduction
Download Section - 1 (440kb)*

Section 2 - Technical information, moulding materials, UL information, RoHS & REACH statements
Download Section - 2 (736kb)*

Section 3 - Coil Bobbins for UK/USA format inch laminations
Download Section - 3 (3.2mb)*

Section 4 - Coil Bobbins for metric format laminations
Download Section - 4 (3.65mb)*

Section 5 - Coil Bobbins and boxes for encapsulated metric laminations
Download Section - 5 (1.09kb)*

Section 6 - Coil Bobbins for ferrite cores
Download Section - 6 (8.24mb)*

Section 7 - Toroid mounts/headers
Download Section - 7 (533kb)*

Section 8 - Solenoid bobbins and custom moulding
Download Section - 8 (719kb)*

Section 9 - Terminals for metric and UK/USA inch bobbins
Download Section - 9 (841kb)*

Section 10 - Ordering, Part number format, Terms and Conditions and Distributors.
Download Section - 10 (393kb)*

Download the Entire Product Guide
Visitors with a good internet connection can down load the entire Miles Platts product guide. Please note it is a large file and will take several minutes to download.

Click here to download the entire Product Guide (19.1mb)*

Alternatively you can request the entire product guide on CDRom.

* = Will you need adobe Acrobat to read these files,
Download a free copy of Adobe Acrobat here

Updated On: 01/09/2015