Miles-Platts Precision technical mouldings and tool making

Miles-Platts Precision technical mouldings and tool making


With over 40 injection mould machines ranging from 25 to 200 tonnes clamping force operating 24 hours, Miles-Platts have a high capacity, flexible production plant able to meet the most demanding of customer schedules. The Leicester production plant is capable of manufacturing over 8 million units per month in addition to our overseas manufacturing partners.

Rapid set-up modular tooling allows flexible changes to our production schedule to meet changing market and customer demands. The sales order and production scheduling system runs on the latest production software available giving staff the maximum information about customer orders and schedules.

Miles-Platts capabilities also include the insert moulding of metal parts into the polymer.

As one of the country's largest technical moulders we have an extensive knowledge and stock holding of polymers from leading manufacturers. All moulding materials have been certified by our suppliers as RoHS (EU Directive 2002/95/EC) compliant and are therefore free from hazardous substances.

With a significant emphasis on mouldings for the electrical industry, Miles-Platts know the importance of stringent material control and the need to have full batch traceability. Miles-Platts are a UL recognised moulder and all standard products are moulded in UL yellow carded materials.


Updated On: 01/08/2015