Miles-Platts Precision technical mouldings and tool making

Miles-Platts Precision technical mouldings and tool making


With over 30 years of technical moulding experience, Miles-Platts have established themselves as a world leader in the injection moulding of engineering polymers for the manufacture of precision components. Providing solutions and exceeding customer expectations have been the backbone of a company strategy that has led to a successful world-wide presence supplying major brand-name OEMs with quality products.

Built on a solid foundation of designing and manufacturing bobbins and coil formers, Miles-Platts have become a respected and well known partner for the supply of precision technical mouldings to the electrical, electronic, automotive and medical markets. Their expertise in moulding demanding engineering polymers has helped diversify the broad range of custom components manufactured to include many products outside the coil winding industry.

The backbone of the company is the dedicated and professional staff who are trained in their own specialities and work in synergy to provide a truly world-class service and product to customers. The company is committed to on-going training and embraces modern management practices to ensure they maintain a market leading position.

Based in the UK, Miles-Platts have a 24-hour production plant capable of meeting the most demanding customer requirements with over 40 automatic moulding machines of varying sizes providing competitive, high volume, high quality production.

To support their precision moulding, Miles-Platts are able to provide high volume pin and terminal insertion facilities allowing electrical terminations to be made.

The manufacturing plant is backed up by Miles-Platts own design department and on-site tool room.

Working closely as a development partner with leading engineering polymer suppliers, Miles-Platts has successfully assisted in the introduction and testing of many new engineering polymers. This knowledge and expertise is engineered into their products and passed on to customers in order to continually improve and add value.

Supplying demanding markets has kept Miles-Platts focused on the need to provide high quality products, on-time delivery and globally competitive prices. Products are designed to satisfy the demands of safety-critical applications and conform to many international standards. All products meet RoHS & WEEE directives in addition to being manufactured using the best environmental practices.


Using the latest 3D CAD software in conjunction with years of moulding and terminal insertion experience, the Miles-Platts engineering team are able to design products with superior functionality built in. Miles-Platts are able to provide a complete design service for plastic injected components from initial concepts, through to rapid prototype samples and final production.

  • Component Design - complete custom design service for precision technical mouldings and assemblies
  • Rapid prototypes - accurate models can be created from 3D CAD designs within days
  • Metal to plastic - advice on converting metal parts to plastic
  • Experience in engineering polymers - advice on the correct selection of demanding materials with high specifications
  • Supplier partnerships - technical knowledge, advice and the latest material information from leading polymer manufacturers
  • Precision engineering - advice on achieving precise tolerances and intricate details
  • Design for manufacture - component designs to optimise injection moulding and subsequent manufacturing processes

Due to the composite nature of Miles-Platts tooling, minor modifications to standard products can often be easily made allowing customers to create custom versions of the standard products.


For more than 20 years, DuPont has been a competent development partner to Miles-Platts Limited in the manufacture of thermoplastic coil bobbins. From material testing and supply, to mould design and analysis, DuPont has aided Miles-Platts in material selection to achieve the rigorous quality criteria now demanded by modern electrical and electronic technology.

We firmly believe that both companies share common goals - to support new product development and support customers to innovate - and for that reason, DuPont looks forward to many more years of successful collaboration.

DuPont (UK) Limited, Maylands Avenue, Hemel Hempstead, Herts HP2 7DP
Tel: +44 (0)1442 218547 - Fax: +44 (0)1442 218646 - Web:


Working closely with sales, design and production departments, Miles-Platts toolroom staff are able to manufacture precision tools utilising 3D CAM data provided from our design department. The Company is able to manufacture full stand-alone injection mould tools or modular tools to fit within standard Miles-Platts housings. This innovative approach allows fully hardened tools to be produced at globally competitive prices.

With the control of the component design, the tool design and tool manufacture all being within one location Miles-Platts can ensure the highest flexibility and quality to ensure the finished moulded component meets all expectations.

Toolroom capabilities include:

  • CNC Machining
  • EDM Spark Erosion
  • Wire Erosion
  • Surface Grinding

In addition to injection mould tool manufacture, the Miles-Platts toolroom are able to produce a wide variety of bespoke general engineering tooling including pinning equipment tooling and mandrels for winding machines.

Working with international partners, Miles-Platts are able to design, specify and manufacture full mould tools from lower cost countries should this be required.


With over 40 injection mould machines ranging from 25 to 200 tonnes clamping force operating 24 hours, Miles-Platts have a high capacity, flexible production plant able to meet the most demanding of customer schedules. The Leicester production plant is capable of manufacturing over 8 million units per month in addition to our overseas manufacturing partners.

Rapid set-up modular tooling allows flexible changes to our production schedule to meet changing market and customer demands. The sales order and production scheduling system runs on the latest production software available giving staff the maximum information about customer orders and schedules.

Miles-Platts capabilities also include the insert moulding of metal parts into the polymer.

As one of the country's largest technical moulders we have an extensive knowledge and stock holding of polymers from leading manufacturers. All moulding materials have been certified by our suppliers as RoHS (EU Directive 2002/95/EC) compliant and are therefore free from hazardous substances.

With a significant emphasis on mouldings for the electrical industry, Miles-Platts know the importance of stringent material control and the need to have full batch traceability. Miles-Platts are a UL recognised moulder and all standard products are moulded in UL yellow carded materials.


Terminal Insertion

Miles-Platts have over 40 terminal and wire insertion machines offering high volume pinning capability and the utmost flexibility. Using fully automatic wire insertion machines including automatic feeders for the bobbins they are able to produce high volume, extremely accurately pinned bobbins and coil-formers to the most exacting tolerances.

A wide variety of standard terminal designs are available for insertion or alternatively we can use our design knowledge and expertise to create new styles to incorporate features such as IDC connections or solder free PCB terminals.

Miles-Platts capabilities include both "post inserted" pins and "moulded in" pins. Wire pins and terminals can be "continuous fed" or "loose" with fully plated options enabling the terminals to form part of a push fit electrical connector when over moulded.

All wire pins and terminals are lead-free and are RoHS (EU Directive 2002/95/EC) compliant.



Throughout Miles-Platts operations a commitment to continuous improvement is present with a significant emphasis placed on correct product design and optimum production processing to guarantee total quality.

Miles-Platts work in partnership with suppliers, developing solutions to meet the needs of customers. Relationships are encouraged with organisations who aim to achieve total quality management and share the same philosophies to exceed customer satisfaction.

Working with a broad range of automotive, medical and electrical customers, all employees at Miles-Platts are committed to achieving zero defects with this philosophy being actively supported by the Managing Director.

Quality inspection equipment includes Contact CMM, Optical Measurement CMM and precision pin retention measurement.

The Company's Quality Management System is LRQA certified to BS EN ISO 9001:2000 in addition to being UL recognised and holding many customer approvals.


Despatch & stock holding

In order to supply products quickly and efficiently to customers, Miles-Platts maintain a stock holding of most of their catalogue items in a combination of plain and pinned configurations. Working closely with customers, the Company is able to provide stock holdings of standard and custom products and are able to successfully operate most modern stock protocols or logistics systems.

With sales in over 34 countries world-wide, Miles-Platts are experienced exporters and can efficiently arrange shipments around the globe.

The Future...

Miles-Platts have never stood still and the Company is always looking for new technologies in moulding machinery and investments that will add value to the services and products that they provide.

At the time of writing, Miles-Platts are planning to move to new premises and will take advantage of optimising the production flow to ensure the Company is efficient and competitive well into the 21st century.

Updated On: 01/09/2015