Miles-Platts Precision technical mouldings and tool making

Miles-Platts Precision technical mouldings and tool making

About Us

With over 30 years of technical moulding experience, Miles-Platts have established themselves as a world leader in the injection moulding of engineering polymers for the manufacture of precision components. Providing solutions and exceeding customer expectations have been the backbone of a company strategy that has led to a successful world-wide presence supplying major brand-name OEMs with quality products.

Built on a solid foundation of designing and manufacturing bobbins and coil formers, Miles-Platts have become a respected and well known partner for the supply of precision technical mouldings to the electrical, electronic, automotive and medical markets. Their expertise in moulding demanding engineering polymers has helped diversify the broad range of custom components manufactured to include many products outside the coil winding industry.

The backbone of the company is the dedicated and professional staff who are trained in their own specialities and work in synergy to provide a truly world-class service and product to customers. The company is committed to on-going training and embraces modern management practices to ensure they maintain a market leading position.

Based in the UK, Miles-Platts have a 24-hour production plant capable of meeting the most demanding customer requirements with over 40 automatic moulding machines of varying sizes providing competitive, high volume, high quality production.

To support their precision moulding, Miles-Platts are able to provide high volume pin and terminal insertion facilities allowing electrical terminations to be made.

The manufacturing plant is backed up by Miles-Platts own design department and on-site tool room.

Working closely as a development partner with leading engineering polymer suppliers, Miles-Platts has successfully assisted in the introduction and testing of many new engineering polymers. This knowledge and expertise is engineered into their products and passed on to customers in order to continually improve and add value.

Supplying demanding markets has kept Miles-Platts focused on the need to provide high quality products, on-time delivery and globally competitive prices. Products are designed to satisfy the demands of safety-critical applications and conform to many international standards. All products meet RoHS & WEEE directives in addition to being manufactured using the best environmental practices

Updated On: 01/09/2015